Three Keys To Winning Or Losing The High Yield Investment Game

So you want to succeed with high yield investment programs (HYIPs)? You do? How would you like to discover that your HYIP success comes down to just three key ideas? That’s right. Here they are:

1. Seed money

2. Compound interest

3. Greed level

Now, let us wrap some meat around these three keys to winning the HYIP game.

1. Develop the skill to protect your seed money, which is the initial principal you deposit into the HYIP. To do this, see yourself as a farmer that depends on his seed to reap a harvest. If the farmer loses his seed, he forfeits the harvest by default. From every harvest, the farmer saves seed for the next farming season. The money you bring to the HYIP arena is your seed. The profit or return on investment that you desire is your harvest. Like the farmer, if you lose your seed money, you will automatically miss out on the return (harvest). Nothing else matters; when you lose your seed money, the game is over in essence. Yes, you can keep bringing in more seed money, but you are not getting ahead when you do that; you are simply eating your seed. The successful farmer is one who lives off his harvest, while saving his seed to sow during the next farming season. If you can’t guard your seed, you’re done. Make sure you’ve withdrawn your seed money from the HYIP before you consider compounding 100% or anything like that.

2. Learn the when and how to compound interest. Your biggest temptation in the HYIP game is the Compounding Calculator that many HYIPs feature on their websites. That calculator is “the forbidden fruit” of HYIPs, and it is designed to be just that – a death trap. When you first decide to compound, do not have profit in mind. Instead, your first goal in compounding is to recoup your original principal, your seed money. If you deposited $500, and you withdraw $50 in two weeks, don’t start telling your friends about how much you’re making from HYIPs. You have actually made nothing yet. In fact, you are $450 in the hole, and you need to take note of that risk capital until your risk is zero. Then the first time you withdraw $50 after you have pulled out your $500, you have made your first profit. Why is this crucial to your HYIP success? The HYIP may not be around long enough to return your original deposit. Therefore, treat your initial withdrawals not as profit but as down payment on your seed money until you have recouped the whole amount.

3. Recognize your greed level. Exercise the discipline and self-control needed to tame the lion of greed. Nobody who wants to make or earn money is greed-free. We are all greedy, and hyipers are a little greedier than most income seekers. Beware that your greed level is directly linked to your seed money and your tendency to be sucked in by the compound calculator. When you tame Greed Beast, you put yourself in the best position to recoup your seed money before you can think about 100% compounding all the way. Greed is a giant obstacle in the way of your recouping your seed money. When you conquer greed, you will keep your seed.

The difference between HYIP losers and HYIP winners is centered on the three keys of seed money, compound interest, and greed level. When you understand and master those three concepts, you will be numbered among the 10% of hyipers that win this game.