Investing in a Vintage Guitar

Investing in a Vintage guitar is proving to be a very profitable investment. And it is not just the Big Name Guitars that are increasing in value.

Many lesser known but beautifully designed guitars are also becoming favorites with Vintage Guitar collectors.

While the Big boys in the Vintage Guitar industry such as…Gibson…Fender…Gretsch and Martin all lead in the price category (a Vintage Les Paul from the 1950s can run upwards of $400,000.00).

Some brands such as Teisco, Kay and Harmony can be purchased for as little as $300.00 to $600.00 and will only increase in value over time.

As in any investment you must do your due diligence. Study the market, decide at what price range you want to enter in.

Do you want to invest in an “A” class vintage guitar such as Vintage Gibson Guitars or Vintage Fender Guitars? Or are you more comfortable with lesser priced models such as Vintage Stella Guitars or Vintage Harmony Guitars?

Either way you need to study…get yourself informed…and buy smart. There are many buying guides and websites to visit to start to get yourself familiar with the guitars. You should also go to the Vintage Guitar Shops in your area to look the guitars and over ask questions. Ultimately it is your knowledge and / or trust in your dealer that will determine your success.

It may be wise to buy from a reputable dealer to start and then when you have learned enough then start to buy on your own.

Whatever you decide to do, collecting Vintage Guitars is an exciting and fulfilling activity.

Good luck !